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What is the connection between Bidzina Ivanishvili and Kvantrishvili murder?
Famous businessman and sportsman (who was called in Moscow Public relations minister of so called, legal criminals), Otar Kvantrishvili was killed on 5th April, 1994 with three bullets of sniper, while coming out from bath house. 47-years-old Kvantrishvili died instantly… Before that, approximately a year before, the elder brother of Otar Kvantrishvili – Amirani – was killed too.
Money bags and marionettes
The next “storm” has been launched in Georgian politics. The appearance of “money bag” on the arena, with the old record-player and few years ago hackneyed rhetoric, has caused a big stir among Georgian political marginals. Red intelligence wastes, unlucky groups dreamed about conquering political tops, separate persons just being tempted on a smell of money, has immediately appeared in the vicinity.
Mgaloblishvili: All the NATO member-countries recognize the progress that Georgia shows in different directions.
The second day of NATO defense ministerial taking place in Brussels, has much more importance for Georgia, than the first day had, as the main topics of discussions on the first day, were operations going on in Libya, situations existing in Kosovo and fight against pirates.
Garry Kasparov: Sochi Olympic Games will be failed and Putin’s regime will go dawn with it
Kasparov visited Georgian parliament today, where he introduced “chess in schools – new movement for modern education”, program of “Chess European fund of Kasparov”: It should be noted, that Kasparov has held his presentation in English language. After presenting the project, he drew attention to the tensed relationships between Georgia and Russia and spoke about holding Sochi Olympics as well.
Rasmussen’s first press conference on NATO defense ministerial
„Good evening. I am happy to see that we have new journalists from completely independent Libya with us. Welcome to NATO!” – These were the opening words of NATO Secretary General, Andres Fogh Rasmussen’s first press-conference on NATO defense ministerial.
Majority of opposition thinks Bidzina Ivanishvili is pro-Russian
How Georgian politicians assess desire of Bidzina Ivanishvili – businessman, who got rich in Russia - to engage into politics? “” listens to their opinions…
Bidzina Ivanishvili is establishing a party: old plans and new persons of Kremlin?
In the decisive moment Kremlin acts against Georgia always according to one and the same scenario: another Georgian businessman, with the billions usually gotten from Russia, appears as a rescuer and patron to the marginalized “fifth column” with zero rating, which calls itself - the opposition.
Americans want next president to be Republican: United States in expectations of elections
As the next presidential elections of United States are approaching, the world community is more attentive to every detail existing before this most important event of the world’s Superpower State. Experts have already expressed some assumptions and forecasts. One part of them, based on social studies and on a number of their factors, is speaking about important changes of the forces in the White house after the forthcoming elections.
Basil Kobakhidze: Georgian Church is a main spreader of Kremlin aggression
The information was spread that the monument of Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II will be installed in Tbilisi. The monument of Georgian sculptor working in Russia, Zurab Tsereteli, is already ready. Religion scientist Basil Kobakhidze sees this fact as ridiculous and shameful. As he says, this will be a great shame of Georgian society. “” speaks with Basil Kobakhidze about this and other issues.
What will happen to Iran? United States’ defense minister arrived in Israel…
“Arabic spring” has passed. The first stage of changes in a Middle east had a price of large battles, but they were still carried out. The world is still waiting developments of these events. The region, which for its’ geopolitical-strategic location is very important for Georgia, is now moving to the next section of its history’s rails.
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