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სას­წ­რა­ფოდ: რუს­თა­ვის #6 და­წე­სე­ბუ­ლე­ბა­ში გარ­დაც­ვ­ლი­ლი პა­ტი­მა­რი იპო­ვეს
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ორშ სამშ ოთხ ხუთ პარ შაბ კვ
Panfilov about Kukava: betrayer has a hard fate…
The leader of the party “Free Georgia”, Kakha Kukava has been trying already for several years to develop concept, which will contribute to the rapprochement with Russia.
The casting of Georgian traitors has been already announced in Russian
Georgian opposition threatened yet in hot summer days that they will provide government with politically hot autumn. In the beginning of fall, it becomes clear that the hot autumn in Georgia will be planned by Russian forces and opposition is only in a role of performer.
Russian ultra-nationalists are rallying against Caucasians
A new wave of nationalism has been lunched in Russia. The reason and excuse is again connected to the Caucasus theme. Russian ultra-nationalists demand getting rid of a north Caucasus. Activists of different movements protest huge amounts of money that were invested in Caucasus economy development projects intended “protection of Russian citizen’s rights.”
“Labours” against Erekle II
Telavi population is upset. The reason was a disinformation that the international security of “Labour party, Nestan Kirtadze spread.
Akaki Bobokhidze: I spare Mamradze because of his age
The physical confrontation of Deputy Akaki Bobokhidze and Petre Mamradze “sobered” the seventh convocation of the parliament. Bobokhidze apologies to the public for the incident happened on plenary session. However, he also promises, that he will physical abuse anyone, who will make anti-governmental statements. Deputy believes that blinding hatred of Saakashvili is not an enough reason to make anti-national statements and to blame Georgia the conflict, started on the bases of ethnicity.
Abandoned Gubazi, Aqu’s TV and king of Georgia, Shota Rustaveli
The “grand” march of Gubaz Sanikidze didn’t take place. The walk with a lead of “erovnuli forumi” was going to be started at 16:00, but it was postponed at least for few hours. Supporters of Gubazi’s march named leaders absence as the reason of march’s delay. However, the true reason was a lack of people.
Hitler, Mussolini… and Gubazi…
One part of the opposition, with a leadership of the “great politician”, Gubaz Sanikidze, is announcing a “Georgian march”. It is clear in advance, what “results” will bring it to the Georgian political spectrum’s this less rated direction. That is why, it is not worth of paying attention. However, there is one point that needs to be marked. The name – “Georgian march” is quite reasonably associated to Russian and other Nazi analogies.
Bagdasarov: Only following “Herbollah” example can help Russia to defeat Georgia
Russian State Duma international affairs committee member, Semion Bagdasarov, who several days ago was speaking about necessity of starting a war against Georgia till 2014, is now for arguing with Turkey as well. He calls on Kremlin to pursue if not to the military conflict, but the punitive measure policy against Ankara definitely. But, all this still in passing by Georgia.
Alexandre Rondeli: These kinds of Georgians are silently hissing as snakes…
The president of Georgian strategies and international relationships studies foundation, political scientist Alexadre Rondeli believes, that the Russian State Duma Deputy, Semion Bagdasarov, is a russian “statist” He said the deputy’s statement about beginning the war against Georgia before 2014, is only expression of an anti-Georgian sentiments. The political scientist said that today Russia has no reason and excuse to conduct an open aggression against Georgia.
“The marsh was ordered to Sanikidze by Burjanadze, for what she paid 30 thousand dollars as a bribe”
One part of the opposition celebrates Sokhumi collapse day in its own way. As it turns out, Sanikidze, who shows himself as a “great historian”, “falls on his knees” about Nino’s money. What was the reason of Sanikidze’s sudden endeavors of uncertain aiming marches, independently from the “six” and why Nino decided to gather facts on Sanikidze?
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