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კო­ტე თო­ლორ­და­ვა თბი­ლის­ში ჩა­მო­ას­ვე­ნეს- რო­დის გა­ი­მარ­თე­ბა სა­მო­ქა­ლა­ქო პა­ნაშ­ვი­დი და სად და­ა­საფ­ლა­ვე­ბენ მსა­ხი­ობს
უნი­კა­ლუ­რი დელ­ფი­ნის სა­ხე­ო­ბა,­რო­მე­ლიც გაბ­რა­ზე­ბი­სას ფერს იც­ვ­ლის და ვარ­დის­ფე­რი ხდე­ბა
გუ­ლი­სა­მა­ჩუ­ყე­ბე­ლი კად­რე­ბი - ეს ვი­დეო კა­ცობ­რი­ო­ბის სი­კე­თე­ზე და­გა­ფიქ­რებთ
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ორშ სამშ ოთხ ხუთ პარ შაბ კვ
Sanikidze called Bidzina a “moron”
Bidzina made Gubaz Sanikidze and Kakha Shartava angry. However, neither they made oligarch excited. According to the information leaked out from a glass flask, Bidzina Ivanishvili himself is angry on Sanikidze and Shartava. Gubaz Sanikidze and Kakha Shartava do not attend meetings of Coalition board. It is openly expressed protest coming from them. Moreover, they do not answer on board members’ and even Bidzina’s calls.
Drunken Sozar Subar about “golden sheds” (video)
Sozar Subari visited the village Mejvriskhevi, Gori region together with the “Georgian dream”. It is not news that recenly “dreamers” are going form village to village disappointed. In some places, population do not come out to meet “Bidzinists” at all and in other villages, “dreamers” found themselves in such a bad situation with complaints of locals that they prefered to run away from there.
Rallies in Russia are allowed only if protest relates to Georgia
Apparently, from now holding meetings and rallies in Russia is only permitted if: a rally is against current Georgian authorities, is coming from opposition, namely, from supporters of the “Gerogian dream” and requests establishment of democracy in Georgia by the mentioned political force.
“Prepared” Ekaterine from Zestaponi (video)
Regional bureaus of the “9th channel” are manned with mini Maia Panjikidzes. We offer you video where Zestaponi bureau journalist Ekaterine Dugladze is shown. On the question “have you falsified the number of people who came to the demonstration of Bidzina” she felt so nervous that became inadequate. Dugladze argued with hysteric voice that she has precisely counted people gathered on the meeting.
Mindia Gulua spoke with “presa.ge” about Kaladze and the, so-called, “meeting of criminals”
The businessman Mindia Gulua living in Moscow confirmed to “Presa.ge”, that one of the candidates living in Georgia sent, so-called, crime bosses to him. Moreover, Gulua said that “gathering of criminals” was held in the same city where “dreamer” Kakha Kaladze was at that time. According to the businessman, it was decided there to sent, so-called, “thieves in law” living in Moscow to him… You will find out from exclusive interview of “Presa.ge” why the criminal bosses were sent to Mindia Gulua and what connection has Bidzina Ivanishvili and Kakha Kaladze to the “gatherings of criminals”….
Rogue and machinator Ivanishvili
Bidzina Ivanishvili has already completely taken his mask off and began to “work” in Georgia with the same methods, with which he enriched in the post-Soviet Russia. Billionaire lost in time forgets that Georgia is not Russia and he won’t be able to conduct in Georgia the same machinations that he was used to in Russia.
Bidzina Ivanishvili has been defined as the subject of the offense by the Control Chamber
The Control Chamber of Georgia recognized the individual with clear political and electoral purposes, Bidzina Ivanishvili as subject of offense and sent records of delinquencies to the court. The information about it is spread by the Control Chamber of Georgia.
International expert requires expelling Russia from the G8
A senior fellow at Peterson Institute for International Economics, one of the largest western specialist in Russian affairs, international expert, Anders Aslund, reported in the American publication “Foreign Policy” that Vladimir Putin, has recognized that he does not belong at the G-8 summit. Therefore, B-7 should properly assess Putin’s actions and kick Russia out of the B-8.
Andreas Fogh Rasmussen: Chicago summit will acknowledge “in a very visible way” Georgia’s progress
As it is known, the next NATO summit is scheduled on May 20-21 in the United States of America, namely, in Chicago. It became known that expansion of the alliance is not planned on this summit. However, Georgia will still be presented in the meetings of the alliance as a non-member country. The NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen talked in one of his interviews about what Georgia should expect from NATO Chicago summit.
Dying Russia: Sochi Olympics is risky for the world’s athletes
Going to the Sochi Olympics is dangerous and the world’s Olimpic athlets should not risk so – Kim Zigfeld, author of American publication “Dying Russia”, reports. Risks were especially increased in the last week, when it became clear that the Russian sky is the most dangerous sky for flights and when Moscow admitted itself that Sochi Olympics could become arena for terrorist attacks.
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